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At Premiere Softball Academy, we take PSA softball to the next level. Led by former Professional Softball Player, All-American and 3-time Hall of Famer, Christie McCoy, our individualized coaching program focuses on developing your child's skills in mechanics, mental game, softball IQ, and overall knowledge. Watch as your child excels and reaches their full potential with us.


Take your game to the next level with our Individual Private Lessons. In a 30/60/90 minute session with Coach Christie, you can focus on honing your skills in either pitching, hitting or infield defense. After your first lesson, we'll create a comprehensive plan tailored to your goals and skill level, with weekly homework assignments to help you make progress between lessons.


Our mental training sessions are designed to give softball players of any level the tools they need to enhance their overall game. With a focus on managing frustration, building mental strength, and enhancing softball IQ, our programs can give you the edge you need on the diamond. Whether you're seeking to develop skills in an individual, group or team setting, we're here to help you create your mental toolbox for success.


Elevate your level of play with our small group lessons designed for softball players of all levels. With a focus on one to two specific elements, such as hitting, pitching, or defense, our experienced coaches create a fun and educational experience that will help you excel on the field. Join us for a session with a maximum of six players and experience the benefits of personalized attention and competitive play.


Our Coach Training services will help you become the coach that players want to come to. We understand that softball coaching can be both rewarding and challenging, and that's why we offer comprehensive training to help you stay on top of your game. Our program is tailored to your needs and will teach you invaluable skills, such as practice planning, learning new drills, and how to foster a positive team environment. Contact us today and see the results for yourself!


Join us for our softball clinics and improve your game in just 6 weeks. Our team of experienced coaches will work with you to design a program that meets your unique needs and goals. Whether you want to boost your pitching speed or improve your hitting technique, our clinics offer a comprehensive approach to player development.


Our Summer and Seasonal Softball Camps deliver a comprehensive experience designed to help you improve your skills and have fun in the sun. With a focus on strategy development and a wide range of new and revisited drills and skills, our camp is perfect for athletes of all levels looking to make lasting progress. Meet new friends and reconnect with old ones while playing softball-specific games and experiencing the joy of growth and development. Join us this season and experience why athletes from across Northern California attend our highly acclaimed camps.

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