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RICH, San Mateo

I strongly recommend Christie because she is an amazing coach and mentor.  Christie dramatically improved my daughter's pitching and hitting. My daughter's velocity and command increased, and she moved from the bottom to top of the line up for her All Star team. Most importantly, Christie boosted my daughter's poise on the mound, confidence at the plate, and love for softball.  Christie has had the same positive impact on two of my daughter's All Star team mates--all 3 adore Christie and have become great softball players and team mates!

SCOTT, Travel Ball

My daughter loves working with Christie! She has both the expertise as well as the right demeanor to be a highly effective instructor. In addition to her in person work, she has provided numerous take home practice assignments that reinforce her lessons. And my daughter actually does them! Even better, the results are fast and lasting. I highly recommend Christie.

DOMINIQUE, Pitchers Mom

Christie is the best. She is an amazing coach my daughter is 9 and has been going to her since she was in 8u and now she is 10u. She is so detailed and even after a few lessons my daughter has improved so much in her pitching style. She really explains everything so easily my daughter picks it right up. I love the extra help tools she gives us as well to practice at home. She has great interaction with my daughter and listens to any questions and concerns she has, myself as well. She really knows her stuff. If you are looking for a GREAT pitching and hitting coach I defiantly recommend Christie!!!

KAREN, Travel Ball .... Mother of College Pitcher

Christie knows what she is doing and is very good at what she does.  My daughter goes to her for pitching and hitting lessons.  She will customize a lesson based on feedback from us or any current concerns.  She is firm with my daughter when she needs to be but also supportive in a nurturing way.   She knows how to break down a pitch in order to teach it and can spot an area for improvement with a swing after a couple of hacks.  She often gives my daughter "homework" between lessons and checks in on those assignments at the next lesson.  
She stays on-time with her schedule and the on-line booking tool is a breeze to use.  I can't say enough good things about Christie.

TODD,  Redwood City

Christie has been coaching my daughter (11 yo) for over a year now and she has been her best coach by far.  We moved from southern California where most of the softball coaches are men and have never played an inning of fast pitch softball.  It was refreshing to find a coach that has played the game (even professionally!) and has all the necessary experience and patience to train girls of all ages.  My daughter has improved both in pitching and hitting under her guidance.  She has gained about 8 mph on her fastball since moving up here and she went from batting last on her All-star team to second by the end of the 2015 tournament season.  I highly recommend Christie if your daughter is ready to work hard and advance to the next level in softball!

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