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At Premiere Softball Academy, we believe in providing much more than just ordinary softball lessons. Our unique approach to the game includes challenging games that help students develop their skills while having fun. We encourage our students to create opportunities to practice on their own, enticing them to practice more and improve their game. Our challenges range from both individual and group challenges, and each challenge is different and unique to meet the needs of students of all ages.

Current game


At Premiere Softball Academy, we believe that learning the fundamentals of softball should be fun and interactive. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Race to 10,000 Pennies’ challenge for all students aged 10 and under. This program is designed to develop their skills and master drills while competing to earn ‘penny points’ through challenges based on the skills they are practicing. Each student is playing against the other students, and the first student to accumulate $100 worth of pennies (10,000) wins a $100 bill.

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