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"Cathi Aradi was a major force in my overall recruiting experience. Her dedication to providing honest feedback and valuable recommendations has led me to my softball career at The University of Nebraska. She has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals of playing Division I softball. With over 30 years of recruiting experience, I wholeheartedly endorse her to all of my students, family, friends and I will use her services with my kids when they become the age to be recruited!  Whether you are just starting out in the recruiting process, or are looking to take your game to the next level, Cathi and the team at Fastpitch Softball Recruiting can help you achieve your dreams."

- Coach Christie


CSC has been educating families, empowering athletes, and ensuring players conduct a successful college search for over 25 years! If you're the parent of a softball player who dreams of playing in college, chances are you've heard every version of recruiting hype there is! All too often, these statements turn out to be misleading. But by the time parents figure this out, it's usually too late. Multi-sport, corporate services and for-profit recruiting camps want you to believe being recruited is as easy as writing a check. Collegiate Softball Connection works one-on-one with families to help you navigate the complex maze that is the college search. Let CSC help you or your player beat out the competition and find a spot on a college team.

CSC provides two levels of service. With the Head Start/Fast Track option, you receive personalized guidance through the college search from noted recruiting expert Catharine Aradi along with an introduction to a variety of colleges at all levels of competition. Travel teams can sign up for the Basic Connection. This offers a low-cost way to expand a teams' exposure opportunities while helping parents/players stay on track. For more information on CSC services, call CSC, email, or download a brochure!


I'm Catharine Aradi, softball recruiting consultant and owner of Collegiate Softball Connection.  Over twenty-five plus years, I've directly helped several thousand softball players find a college home, and I have helped many more indirectly through my book, Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level.  

If you have recruiting questions or comments, please email:

Called "...the Bible of Fastpitch Recruiting!" by coaches and families, this book makes a terrific gift for players, parents and coaches!

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