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Lets Doodle!

Doodle Coloring Back Cover
While stuck inside during shelter in place, I picked up a pen and learned how to doodle. Literally I could only draw a VERY sad stick figure before SIP. Doodling has now become a passion, and I teach in classrooms through ZOOM, host birthday parties and doodle just for fun! So, bringing an adult coloring book to the world seemed to be the next best step. This coloring book is completely RAW. I chose not to make it digital for a reason; this past year has been unknown, unpredictable, unforeseen and also just raw in itself. You are not going to see perfect designs, or perfect art... which is why I chose to name my first coloring book, Imperfectly Perfect. I hope you enjoy coloring in it as much as I have enjoyed making it. Cheers!
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